Likes and don'ts


I'm a curious person that likes to learn and try new things and I have a lot of interests. These are some of the things I'm into.

  • 01


    I am a book worm and collector. I became passionate about books as soon as I learned to read and never stop.

  • 02


    I like to write many things, from music-related articles and interviews, to book reviews and technical stuffs to simplify the development learning. But this is definitely one of those things that I need inspiration for.

  • 03

    Learning new languages

    I'm probably naturally inclined, but I like learning to speak new languages to broaden the spectrum of cultures with which I can communicate.

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  • 04


    Well yes, it may seem boring and banal, but one of the things I like to do during my free time is... keep programming! I always have many ideas and things that I would like to create and correspondingly little time, but as soon as I can I try to bring the projects I have in mind to life. This site of mine is a clear example of this

  • 05

    Listening to music

    Music is my doping. When I need to feel energized I put a record on and fulfill my body with new energy and self-confidence. I'm also a frequently gigs attendee.

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  • 06


    I sing while working, I sing out loud driving, I sing over songs played and I sing a cappella inventing lyrics on the fly. This is the meter to know how fine I am today. What if I don't sing? Bad news.

  • 07

    Movin', movin'...

    Ten years ago you wouldn't have said it, but the sedentary job I do makes moving and doing sport a necessity. And in the end, despite being lazy, I found several that I like.

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  • 08

    Playing games

    Sometimes they can relax, other times they can stress you out more, but video games or board games undoubtedly stimulate the brain, creativity and logic, which is why I like playing online MMORPGs or board games with friends.